Ilia Krasikov
Ilia Krasikov

I am a Visiting Senior Research Associate at Becker Friedman Institute, University of Chicago. I work on various topics in economic theory including mechanism design and repeated games. I also study public finance with a focus on multidimensional optimal taxation.

I received my PhD degree in Economics from Pennsylvania State University. After that, I visited the Games Research Group in the Department of Mathematics at Tel-Aviv University and worked as an Assistant Professor in the Department of Economics at the Higher School of Economics.

I am on the 2023—2024 academic job market.

Job Market Paper

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Uncertain repeated games (Theory JMP) 

R&R at Quarterly Journal of Economics

The Optimal Taxation of Couples (Public Finance JMP)

Working Papers

Pareto-improving Tax Reforms (Draft coming soon) 

The APS Approach for Undiscounted Quitting Games 

Hard Information Design 

Behavioral epidemiology: An economic model to evaluate optimal policy in the midst of a pandemic 

Scoring And Favoritism (Draft coming soon) 


American Economic Journal: Microeconomics

On Dynamic Pricing 

Journal of Economic Theory

A Theory of Dynamic Contracting with Financial Constraints 

American Economic Journal: Microeconomics

Implications of unequal discounting in dynamic contracting 

with Rohit Lamba and Thomas Mettral
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Absorption Paths and Equilibria in Quitting Games 

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Optimal Taxation in a Job Ladder Model 

Uncertain Repeated Games for Fixed Discounting 

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